Going to the source

Our buyers travel all over the world sourcing top quality stock for our shops.


In the past 12 months, for example, they have been to:

  • Brazil for Amethyst, quartz, minerals of all descriptions, cut stones for setting, far too much to list here - our last shipment from Brazil was over 10 tonnes.
  • Morocco for Selenite, Orthoceras, Trilobites and Minerals including Azurite, Aragonite and Vanadanite.
  • Poland and Lithuania for Amber silver jewellery and beads
  • China, Bali, India, and Thailand to commission unique jewellery and carvings
  • ...and to the world famous Tucson (USA) Show to secure an extremely large and beautiful collection of minerals and jewellery.

This of course is by no means a comprehensive list of destinations, but wherever we go, from the smallest item to the largest, we pride ourselves on sourcing the best that there is – and at the most competitive prices.

Long hours are spent working with jewellers in several countries to refine designs and hand-select the impressive range of semi-precious stones for our innovative silver and gold jewellery collections.


Our buying policy

Due to the length of time we have been trading we feel we have developed unrivalled relationships with our many suppliers, silversmiths, and goldsmiths all over the world.

We work in partnership with our core suppliers in long term relationships, working on original designs, sourcing unusual crystals for our jewellery, as well as finding the best quality crystals, fossils, gemstones and minerals for all our stores.


If we find that any of our stock doesn't reach our high standards of assay, or ethical and moral responsibility, we seek immediate solutions.



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