Silver Quality pledge

At Crystals we can guarantee that every piece of silver jewellery is Sterling Silver.

Sterling Silver is 92.5% silver with various other metals added. Often metals such as Nickel and Cadmium were used in the manufacture of Sterling Silver, both these are toxic “heavy metals” and whilst Nickel has been banned in the EU for many years, a ban on Cadmium only came in in December 2012. All our silver is guaranteed Cadmium and Nickel free and has been for many years. Crystals insisted that all our producers to stop using these toxic metals long before it was a legal requirement as the people most at risk were the silver workers themselves.

Most of our silver is about 97% silver. Hallmarking in the UK is only applied to silver items with over 7.78 grams of silver in it, so  not all our jewellery will have it, but if you look , often underneath, you should find our own hallmark CRYS which is our guarantee of quality.

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