We have had a busy start to 2014, buying trips to Hong Kong for carvings (just landed – in Shops soon), Morocco (see the most recent blog post for details) for minerals and fossils (arrives mid june), India to hand pick stones for setting (will be with us throughout 2014 with much set and in shops NOW) AND further trips to a variety of locations already planned throughout 2014.

As well as these trips we have already had further deliveries from:

Hong Kong – including skulls (small selection pictured below), buddhas, bead bracelets and more “usual” items such as point pendants, small heart pendants, waterdrop pendants small and large plus matching earrings all in top quality AA stones – all this in shops NOW, plus a MASSIVE shipment just arrived – watch out for a fresh blog post soon for details.


apatite skull

orange calcite skull








India – rings, pendants, earrings in many, many stones and also a small collection of gold jewellery with much more to follow.

USA – books, fossil fish.

fossil fish

Mexico – calcite and peacock ore

Brazil – 5 tonnes including lemurian quartz, amethyst druze, amethyst t-lights, rose quartz t-light, rough rose quartz – boulder size to small sizes (we have a big trip planned to Brazil later in the year – this is just a “small” top up).

Madagascar – including carnelian pebbles, labradorite pebbles, black tourmaline pebbles, pink calcite pebbles and polished freeforms, stunning rose quartz spheres (most of which show chatoyancy) and beautiful fossil wood spheres as well as echinoids (sand dollars), ammonites, and fossil wood “twigs” and small “logs”.








rose quartz spheres