Native American Zuni fetish carvings. Carved by the Zuni people of Pueblo, New Mexico originally for ceremonial purposes. Zuni fetish carvings can also be seen as a form of native American contemporary art. They are small carvings made of various materials including semi precious stones. Our shops generally keep small collections of these highly collectible pieces – we buy in small collection once or twice a year

Carvers including Todd Lowsayatee (antler double eagle pictured), Jesus Armando Espino (pipestone eagle pictured). Fabian Pino (marble buffalo pictured), Herb Halate (raven and mountain lion pictured), Benny Bacy (picasso marble bear pictured) plus many more, a few carvings from the collection pictured below….

fetish carving2

fetish carving1





fetish carving twin eaglefetish carving

fetish carving lapis bearfetish carving eaglefetish carving crow














fetish carving buffalofetish carving bear1