India January 2015

Very successful trip, sifting through many, many stones for setting, plus Ganesha carvings and Beads. The stone sellers were queuing out the door!

Ethiopian opal beads Tanzanite beads

First off beads, one off strands of top quality Ethiopian Opal and Tanzanite, plus plenty of hand faceted beads including; iolite, labradorite, garnet, smokey quartz, apatite and neon apatite, black spinel, tanzanite, amethyst, carnelian, fire opal, citrine, pink tourmaline, peruvian opal, green amethyst, quartz, prehnite, strawberry quartz, sunstone, rutile quartz, aquamarine, moonstone, morganite, rose quartz, ruby, sapphire


Smooth beads in pink amethyst, chrysoprase, lapis, opal – Peruvian and Ethiopian, carnelian, tanzanite, labradorite, larimar, lapis, citrine, pyrite
And this list is not complete!

amazonite cabs amethyst cabs azurite cabs bloodstone cabs beryl cut citrine cut hessionite garnet cabs

Next, cut stones… what you see pictured plus labradorite, iolite/sunstone, sunstone, larimar, kyanite cab and facet, opal, charoite sodalite, mookite, blue lace agate, chrysocolla, aquamarine, pyrite, hematite, tanzanite, jasper, lemon quartz, rainbow moonstone, emerald, tourmalinated prehnite and again this is not a complete list!

larimar cabs malachite and lapis cabs malachite cabs dendritic opal cabs pietersite cabs smokey quartz cut tourmalinated quartz cab

These will be set in our workshops throughout the year and are being set NOW, contact your local shop for more details throughout the year.

star ruby cabs rhodonite cabs ruby in zoesite cabs sunstone cabs tiger eye cabs blue topaz cut

Finally carvings, Ganesha, all hand picked, very good collection in tiger eye, lapis, labradorite and quartz to name but a few.

Ganesha carvings Amethyst Ganesha Aventurine Ganesha Labradorite Ganesha Labradorite Ganesha Quartz Ganesha Tiger Eye Ganesha

Please remember that all these stones have to be set for silver jewellery and strung for the beads, they are not in our shops quite yet but will be in throughout the year so please keep coming back for more news!