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Ganesha and Buddha carvings

Just unpacked  – in all shops over the next couple of weeks – handcarved in India… Ganesha and Buddha carvings (plus 3 elephants!) in rose quartz, lapis lazuli, tiger eye, emerald, sapphire, labradorite and blue goldstone … a small selection of some of these carvings below…

ganesha - emeraldganesha - emerald frontganesha - blue goldstonemany ganesha - blue goldstoneganesha blue goldstonebuddha head - lapisbuddha ganesha - lapisbuddha head 1 - lapisganesha large lapisganesha tiger eyebuddha ganeshabuddha head ganeshaganesha labradoritelabradorite buddha headganesha 5 labradoriteganesha clear quartzganesha - rose quartzbuddhas 2 - rose quartzganeshas - rose quartz

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Native American Zuni fetish carvings


Native American Zuni fetish carvings. Carved by the Zuni people of Pueblo, New Mexico originally for ceremonial purposes. Zuni fetish carvings can also be seen as a form of native American contemporary art. They are small carvings made of various materials including semi precious stones. Our shops generally keep small collections of these highly collectible pieces – we buy in small collection once or twice a year

Carvers including Todd Lowsayatee (antler double eagle pictured), Jesus Armando Espino (pipestone eagle pictured). Fabian Pino (marble buffalo pictured), Herb Halate (raven and mountain lion pictured), Benny Bacy (picasso marble bear pictured) plus many more, a few carvings from the collection pictured below….

fetish carving2

fetish carving1





fetish carving twin eaglefetish carving

fetish carving lapis bearfetish carving eaglefetish carving crow














fetish carving buffalofetish carving bear1

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Munich 2013


We are not long back from the Munich mineral show and our pallet of goodies has already landed in our warehouse…

Heres a brief look at some of what we bought…

Natural Diamond Crystals from Kenya, first time we have had raw diamonds in about 15 years!

Diamond crystals

animals, tumble, lozenges, thumb stones, eggs, spheres pyramids. The malachite animals represent  a lot of work to select from 100’s of strangely carved creatures and a long and difficult journey from the carvers to Europe.


Fossil bowls, Baryte from Morroco

Pyrite eggs and spheres, plus chrysocolla and chalcopyrite hearts from Peru and a very large collection of soapstone and serpentine animals carved in Peru.

All from a collection made 10 – 15 years ago, every piece a winner but also a few good fabulously large specimens we seldom see these days plus a small selection of cut stones for claw setting in India.





big collection of Opal doublets and a few solids for setting in India…pendants earrings and rings.

New pendulums
Great new designs to double up as bracelets. New point pendulums in Tourmalinated quartz, Ruby in Fuchsite and garnet (amongst others), also Kyanite beads – a few strands (not in all our shops!)

The long welcome return of Apophyllityes, Stilbites, etc including some green. Also some amazing chalcedony… a few samples below

apophyllite stilbite calcite large

apophyllite stilbite calcite















apophyllite stilbite









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Moldavite Jewellery

Find below pictures of a selection of our most recent collection of Moldavite Jewellery…

Moldavite jewellery collection

Moldavite and Iolite bangleMoldavite and Herkimer Bangle




_Moldavite and Labradorite bangleMoldavite and Iolite Heart pendant




Kunzite and Iolite Pendant



_Moldavite and Moss Agate pendant




Moldavite and Blue Tourmaline pendant



Moldavite, Charoite, and Iolite Pendant




Moldavite and iolite earrings












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