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Brazil 2013

First to the area of  Rio Grande do Sol and then a further drive to a small town, another two hours away. The province of  Rio Grande do Sol is near Uruguay so we see both Brazilian and Uruguayan Amethyst there.

We had been warned that Chinese buyers were buying every amethyst geode they see, so we were lucky that there was a collection of geodes still being prepared, not out on show yet, that we could buy. Amethyst production is really strong because of the Chinese demand, and prices have been pushed up, especially for anything of the high quality Crystals wants.

Agates are the other main product we get from this part of Brazil, and again the Chinese are busy buying as much as they can for jewellery and carvings back in China. We have been dealing with a small family agate business for some time and he was his usual friendly self and had good stocks. We ended up buying a lot of agate bookends and geoded ends here as they were being unpacked from the drums in the back workshop. In a giant warehouse the size of Tescos we went through about ten thousand agate slices picking out the really nice ones while a huge thunderstorm hammered away outside. All agate has now been priced and is in our shops.

We managed to top up all our regular popular items like Rose Quartz t – lights , Amethyst tealights  t – lights, and druzy Uruguayan Amethyst hearts. Ferreting in the back back rooms of one supplier we found some more great bookends, and some Amethyst “rings” as well as Amethyst cones. Lets say we have A LOT OF AMETHYST now in our warehouse and shops! Big bolivian amethyst points are back too.

P1240058P1240056Brazil 2011 geode workshop





Cut-base minerals were not so evident this time as most dealers were concentrating on the Amethyst boom. We got some Fucshite and Amazonite, Black Tourmaline with mica, and only one or two Emerald. Elsewhere we got a welcome lot of Citrine beds, Rose Quartz boulders, Sodalite rough, chevron amethyst pendulums as well as a good variety of Egyptian style pendulums. After four days of buying in the south we headed north to Minas Gerais on Sunday so we didn’t miss any buying time.

First port of call on this leg was one of the famous “stones” town in Mina Gerais. We had been given a contact stone broker and we were in his office at 8.30 am with a queue of stone dealers waiting for us. After 5 hrs of going through hundreds of packets of cut stones we had accumulated an amazing selection of Aquamarines, Morganites, Kunzites ( some with rutile), Emeralds and Fire Opals. Some beautiful Tourmalines , bicolors, greens and reds. Watermelon was all sold as once again the Chinese are really piling into high quality Tourmalines, we did get a very few slices at very high prices just because of demand from our customers. Later we heard that high grade blue/green tormalines have been being sold for $10,000 a gram as investments by Chinese people who are not allowed by law to have cash savings in their houses and who don’t trust the banks with their money!

These stones have now been set and are in our shops.

Next day we were outside in the heat (35oC) in various yards searching through piles of black tourmalinted Rose Quartz, Elestials, Quartz clusters and Smokeys while lizards and butterflies zipped around. amazing clear Q cluster collection, and some BIG elestials and cathedral quatrtzes.

2013-02-06 19.46.00

Brazil 2013 - raw sapphire, smokey elestialsvarious-crystal-Brazil-2013

We tracked down Blue Topaz, Aquamarine rough, and more wonderful tourmalines in different colours, alligator Quartz, Kyanite, natural Smokey ……lots of amazing crystals in very unlikely looking sheds, garages and even the back of a supermarket! We were often looking through collections in houses with chickens, cats and puppies running around, even the odd parrot.

2013-02-05 13.20.42The final leg was another days car drive away, here we got Lazers and Lemurians and we were offered huge quantities of Quartz in every shape and form. Like the Amethyst in the south, Quartz in the north was booming too. The only thing we missed out on were Quartz spheres………….we had been pipped to the post by an Austrian buyer who had done the rounds a couple of days before us and cleaned out anything worth having. Eventually we did track down one small collection, but we would have liked more.

Another good find was two collections of natural Citrine C&P.  Our best buy however must be the most amazing huge clear quartz C&P we have ever had…………….12kgs and absolutely stunning!!!

quartz c and p brazil 2011A first for us here was an unexpected collection of C&P Key crystals and Manifestation crystals!!! Going from shed to shed and person to person we got to the village where the actual stone cutters and polishers are working away on the rough boulders and giant crystals brought in by the dealers. Here we bought C&P chevron amethyst points straight off the polishing machine……….another first.

So loads to look forward to throughout 2013!

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Morocco 2013

First we went to the main source of selenite and piles of it were everywhere in all qualities. We have only bought “A” quality so in all the selenite towers, candle-holders, spheres, hearts, massage wands and palmies you should notice they will all be perfectly clean. As well as towers in 3 sizes we have a new “twin-peak” tower which is impressive and a twisty version of wand.

Selenite-pebblesSelenite-heartsDSC_0047We have desert roses back! Plenty of small and medium sizes all clean and good shapes……….these are found in the Alferya region. Also back by popular demand are the Aragonite “sputniks”, plenty of top notch small-medium sizes plus a few very large show pieces.

On the mineral front we have very nice Haematite specimens from Tauis, lovely bobbly nodules and some radiating crystal forms. In Azurite we have the regular popluar small roses druze plus one box of really cracking show specimens for your serious collectors. Beautiful pink Cobalticalcites from Warzazate with some really good specimens. Manganese native ore which is new also from Wazazate.

Now come the majorly exciting limited collections which will only be going to a few of our shops. World class Vanadanite crystals from Mibladew, bright orange large clean crystals on matrix ….most at around £350- £400 but a few smaller and a couple of really big pieces too ( up to £950). New to Crystals is Brochantite from Wajda, really lovely pale green with a similar vibe to the green Apophylite which we used to get from Poona India…..mostly in the £50 range. Azurite on matrix specimens from Msisi. Perhaps best of all, 5 world class specimens of Native Silver….fabulous crystals which will need to be kept in dry airtight containers to prevent oxidation, these will be around £350-£400 each from Bouwazar.

Back to more basics we have the Pretus trilobites again and the Metacantini trilobites. All fossils are going up in prices as other opportunities for employment which are more lucrative are now emerging as Morocco becomes more prosperous, particularly in fruit production with improved irrigation, so we will keep prices as low as we can for now but the time to buy is now!


orthoceras slabslarge-orthoceras-sculpture





Orthocerus is back with single, double , triple and multi plates; sculptures in different sizes, and yes we have also very small singles the best of which we will be setting as silver pendants in due course. We will also have a small range ( initially), of bowls in orthocerus/goniatite.

Sharks teeth we have thousands of small kiddy sized teeth as well as medium sizes. We may set some of these as silver pendants too if they are good enough.

Lastly we have a good collection of the white Moroccan geodes,from small kiddy sizes to large show pieces, and 100 Septarian nodule cut and polished halves which are a bit different and nice and cheap!


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Welcome to Crystals (UK) ltd blog

This is the section of our site that we will be updating with news of latest buying trips and  deliveries as they happen.

 You will find a quick update of 2 of our recent trips this year and nearly all of this stock is now available in store (and if it isn’t it will be by the end of the year!).

Please remember if you want to see any of the items (or similar items) you find on our site please visit or contact your nearest shop.

If you have any specific requests – hard to find minerals, one off show pieces for your home or business please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Remember to come back from time to time to find out all the latest news.

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